Technological, always at the forefrontTechnological, always at the forefront
Technological, always at the forefront
Innovative, powerful, reliable. With its Internet connections, skyDSL relies on the latest and most modern satellite of its generation.

The Spot-Beam Technology

skyDSL consolidates its presence with the new skyDSL2+ products using the most innovative satellite of its generation. The most important development of Internet has been made by introducing the KA-SA satellite.

The KA-SAT with its new Spot-Beam Technology stands out in the evolution of the DSL internet broadband for areas with no or very poor internet connection. Thanks to the Spot-Beam Technology the data transmission is now sent parallel, simultaneously and independently through a variety of regional spot beams, instead of sequentially as before, overcoming the previous limitations.

The KA-SAT not only offers advantages by supplying broadband services but also allows through its orbital position simultaneous reception of television and internet with standard antenna sizes. In addition, the KA-SAT is already prepared for a future growing demand and a higher bandwidth upstream.