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Answers about the topic Order

Who can I contact, if I have provided an incorrect shipping address?

If you have entered an incorrect address by mistake during the registration, please contact our info and order hotline, indicating your customer number or your order number or go to and use our contact form to inform us about your correct shipping address. Your order and client number can be found in your order confirmation email.

Is it possible to order skyDSL without hardware?

You can order skyDSL without hardware. We do not assume any guarantee for hardware which is not supplied by us.

Who can I contact if my skyDSL2 + hardware delivery gets lost?

If the skyDSL hardware does not arrive on the due date, please contact our Info-hotline indicating your customer number or your order number or send us a request using the contact form on our website. You can find your customer number or order number in the "confirmation of order" email.

How can I order skyDSL?

The easiest way is to order skyDSL online. Alternatively, you can order over the phone by calling our Bestell- und Informationshotline.

How soon will it be possible to use skyDSL2+?

After ordering you will receive a confirmation per email. On this confirmation you will also find the start date for your skyDSL2+ connection, usually seven days after the confirmation has been received. Only after this date is it possible to use the skyDSL services. The hardware will be delivered by DHL or GLS within the next days. On the delivery note you can find your skyNumber which must be used to register yourself for the first time in your customer area on Please keep your skyNumber safe!

How long will it take to receive my hardware package?

The delivery time for the skyDSL2+ hardware is usually 3-7 workdays.


Answers about the topic Easy Switch

When exactly will my internet connection be changed with Easy Switch?
Typically, your Internet service will be transferred to skyDSL at the time you choose. While placing your order, you decide whether to activate your new skyDSL connection on the date of termination of your current Internet connection or earlier. So you can either avoid double connection costs or make sure that your provider change takes place without interrupting the Internet access.

If you have ordered the installation service: Then it will be co-ordinated with the activation date of your skyDSL connection so that your internet works on that date. If the installer does not come to you on the agreed date, you are entitled to a fee of 10 €. This will be credited to your customer account.
How easy can I switch to skyDSL with Easy Switch?
If you are a private customer and you would like to switch to our Internet connection, you can do so with Easy Switch very easily and in a few simple steps. For this, you must notify us during your order at skyDSL only your current Easy Switch ID and your customer number to your previous provider. You will then receive an authorization mandate from us by e-mail. Please return a signed copy of this mandate. We'll take care of the rest. We will terminate the existing contract and coordinate it with your activation to avoid disruption of the service or periods of double-payments.
I'm moving to another apartment, can I benefit from Easy Switch?
No, unfortunately not. The Easy Switch procedure only applies in the event that you wish to stay at your address and only change provider.
I have a contract with a minimum contract term. Can I still switch to skyDSL with Easy Switch?
Yes. You can take advantage of Easy Switch at any time. However, a simple change of provider with Easy Switch does not release you from your current contract terms. Please check first the conditions of your contract. First of all, whether you still have to pay to your current Internet service provider or return hardware.
Can I change all services to skyDSL with Easy Switch?
By simply switching to Easy Switch, you can transfer all services that are also available at skyDSL. If some of the services you currently have with your current provider are not available at skyDSL, they will be terminated together with your contract. If you wish to keep one of these services with your current provider, for example your mobile phone service or television service, please state this explicitly in the authorization mandate.
Can I keep my e-mail address or my webspace with Easy Switch?
If you have an e-mail address with your current provider, you can keep it for up to 18 months after the change with Easy Switch. A webspace can stay active for up to 6 months after the Easy Switch at your old provider. Just let us know these details in the mandate! In any case, with your skyDSL Internet connection you will receive a new email address and a HomeSpace with 100 MB included.
Where can I find my Easy Switch ID?
You can find your Easy Switch ID in your invoice or simply in your customer area.

Answers about the topic Invoice

How is my invoice calculated?

The invoice consists of one-off fees and monthly accumulated amounts.
The one-off fees are for instance the activation fee, delivery fee and fees regarding the equipment order.
In accordance with the chosen tariff the skyDSL basic fee will be charged to your account on a monthly basis.
The costs from VoIP calls that are made with no flat rate service (landline) will be billed in the following month.

What are the payment options available?
As a skyDSL customer, you can have your one-time and monthly fees charged via the SEPA direct debit procedure without any additional fees. Depending on the selected skyDSL tariff, we also offer the possibility to pay by credit card (VISA, EuroCard / MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal. Depending on the payment method, fees may be charged for this. These transaction fees are waived if you opt for a tariff including a premium option.

Answers about the topic Tariffs

Which would be the most suitable type of skyDSL package for me?

This depends on your personal surfing habits, when using your Internet. Our Infohotline agents will be glad to inform you about our products and tariffs. They will help you to find the most suitable skyDSL for you. The Tariffsummary of our website can also help you to choose the proper skyDSL package.


Answers about the topic Contract

How and when can I cancel my skyDSL contract?

If you wish to terminate your contract with skyDSL because you are dissatisfied with the service, please contact our customer service. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you find a solution.

If you still wish to proceed with the termination, please send your notice in writing (letter, fax or by contact form) to our customer service. If you want a specific termination date, please let us know in time. Please note that if you wish to terminate your service before the end of the contract term, you must continue to comply with all obligations and payments in accordance with the terms and conditions.

If you wish to change to another internet provider, your termination can be done by using Easy Switch. To do so, contact your new provider and tell them your Easy Switch ID. These can be found on your invoices as well as in your customer area. Your new provider will take care of the cancellation procedure.

Why is skyDSL able to offer its service without Fair-Use-Policy?
A fair-use-policy is a system whereby the supplier defines that after a certain intensity of use (usually after a certain amount of consumed data volume) the available bandwidth of a connection will be automatically reduced. A fair-use-policy is always applied in addition to a contention ratio rule to limit the usage of certain customers in order to maintain a high quality of service in the interest of all customers. Thus, for example for mobile communications (LTE), it's usual that beyond a certain volume of the data transferred the connection will be reduced to the speed of UMTS (up to 384 kbps). On the contrary, skyDSL offers its connections with a usual contention ratio for one specific target group (residential consumers, business customers) and does not apply a fair-use-policy. This can be done because of the classification of customers (see terms "pool" and "contention ratio").
What do the terms "pool" and "contention ratio" in correlation with the availability of skyDSL/skyDSL2+ mean?

In contrast to a dedicated leased connection, business and residential customers' connections usually have a contention ratio. While a customer using a dedicated leased connection will permanently have a bandwidth of 20 Mbps resulting in a possible transfer volume of 6.000 GB per month, customers having a contention ratio greater than 1:1 will share the bandwidth of a connection. This approach is common because customers are not active simultaneously with all other customers on the internet. In case of a contention ratio of e.g. 1:50, the 6.000 GB of a 20 Mbps connection will be conjointly available for 50 customers. Therefore, the individual customers have on average about 120 GB available per month (so-called "mixed calculation"). Individual users, depending on usage behaviour, use actually more or less than the available average. Furthermore, the bandwidth of the user’s connection on a given time also depends on the number of active users at that time. A restriction of the quality of service is only to be expected when a usage rate above the contention ratio occurs. We are the only internet provider which announces the current bandwidth in real time on our skyDSL Monitor. With "pooling" (use of pools) customers are grouped according to certain criteria in a common pool. By the skyDSL customers will be allocated to a certain pool, for example for technical reasons regarding their location, which belongs to a particular satellite beam and satellite transponder. Customers are also grouped in pools according to the tariff they have ordered. Moreover, customers with similar usage profile will be, within their own tariff, allocated to a certain pool. Since the available bandwidth of the connection depends on the number of active users in a connection with contention ratio, the likelihood of the maximum bandwidth of the connection being reached due to the similarity of the customers of a pool decreases in regard to its utilization profile with increasing utilization intensity of the connection.
Is there a minimum contract period?

The minimum contract term can be found in your order confirmation. The contract period is automatically extended after the expiration to the specified period.

Until when can I revoke my contract with skyDSL?

The contract with skyDSL Europe B.V. can be revoked within two weeks after the connection begins. Detailed information on the issue can be obtained from the General Terms and Conditions on section 1.2.


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