For every requirement the right Internet tariffFor every requirement the right Internet tariff
For every requirement the right Internet tariff
Simply find out which skyDSL2+ tariff suits you best. Are you still unsure? Give us a call. We are happy to advise you!

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With one of our skyDSL2+ complete connections, you get a modern and innovative broadband internet connection in which both data reception and data transmission are carried out via satellite. No additional telephone connection is necessary. On request, you can make calls using the skyDSL telephone connection (VoIP) directly via your skyDSL2+ complete connection. You also no longer need a second separate antenna for television reception. With the help of the skyDSL2+ Satellite TV expansion kit you can use the satellite antenna included in the skyDSL2+ complete package both for access to the skyDSL2+ broadband - Use the Internet as well as parallel for TV reception.

Families and frequent users make the best choice with our complete connection skyDSL2+ Home L. With this package you have a super fast page layout when surfing, your e-mails get to your computer in no time at all and other conventional internet applications are quick to handle. In addition, with this package you can not only receive large amounts of data at lightning speed, but also send them at lightning speed.

With our bestseller tariff for singles and young families, you can simply surf without limits!

If a high transmission speed plays a minor role for you, our entry-level tariff skyDSL2+ Home S could also be suitable for you as a casual user.

Corporate and business customers can also get information about our business customer tariffs here.