Change your provider now and secure a change bonus of up to 239,40 €.

Would you like to use skyDSL but you are bounded by contract to another Internet provider? It doesn't matter! If you have a DSL, Mobile, LTE or another Satellite Internet service, we credit you up to 3 months the tariffs costs of your current Internet provider. Enjoy now the fast internet of skyDSL without extra costs. Order now one of our skyDSL2+ tariffs and change your internet provider easily and without interruption.
Promotion Period
valid for 2 days
for 3 months
skyDSL2+ FLAT L Premium
for 3 months
skyDSL2+ FLAT M Premium
for 3 months
for 3 months
for 3 months
skyDSL2+ FLAT S Premium
for 3 months
skyDSL2+ S
Order your desired skyDSL tariff. Send us after ordering and within 2 weeks by post, fax or email, a copy of the last invoice and a copy of the cancel confirmation from your current internet provider. During the remaining period of the old contract you will get automatically a credit note equal to the respective basic fee for your current internet connection. Please note that you will get the credit note up to 3 months and in the maximum amount of the basic fee of the chosen skyDSL tariff.

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