Classic television via your Internet antennaClassic television via your Internet antenna
Classic television via your Internet antenna
Benefit twice from your skyDSL2+ hardware! Thanks to our satellite TV expansion kit, you can now enjoy Internet and TV via an antenna.

skyDSL2+ Satellite TV expansion kit 19.2° East


With the Satellite TV expansion kit you can use the skyDSL2+ satellite antenna for your new skyDSL2+ internet connection, as well as for satellite TV. This is how you combine several functions into a single device and avoid a second satellite dish. If you already have satellite TV, you can use your new skyDSL2+ internet access. All you need to do is exchange your old skyDSL2+ satellite antenna for our Satellite TV expansion kit and you're ready!


The skyDSL2+ Satellite TV expansion kit 19.2° East receives TV signals via the satellite position Astra 19.2 ° East. Simply attach this extension to the skyDSL2+ transmission and reception unit from the satellite antenna. Thanks to the fixed arrangement of the LNB mount for this satellite position, a much more simple and convenient assembly is possible. No additional targeting of the Satellite TV expansion kit is required. As soon as your internet access is fully set up, you can get the satellite TV signal from Satellite TV expansion kit on your TV.

Technical details


skyDSL2+ Satellite TV expansion kit 19.2° East

19.2° East
Satellite position
Diameter: 40mm 
LNB bracket
Universal Single-LNB
further details


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