Becoming a partner

What is the skyDSL partner program?

For many internet users broadband DSL is not available. Become a  skyDSL partner and join skyDSL as trend-setter for satellite internet connections. If you recruit a new skyDSL customer, you will get an interesting commission of up to 50,- € per new customer! You can negotiate the prices for your services (e.g. mounting, installation) directly with your customer.

As online partner you will operate websites or newsletters whose content will be read by many thousand customers in a month. Benefit financially from your online activities now: By participating in the skyDSL partner program you can recruit new customers for skyDSL - fully automated, e.g. with a banner on your own homepage. For any successfully recruited new customer you get an attractive commission.

As a skyDSL partner you have profound knowledge about your regional market and gain the possibility to established direct links within the customers. If you are familiar with your customers' needs regarding internet connectivity, e.g. you run a telephone-shop or an Internet-Cafe, then is easier to sell our satellite hardware or install it.

Who can participate and how does it work?

The Affiliate program allows anyone who has their own website or newsletters or is in direct contact with their customer to participate. Participation is very simple: you will find in your partner area all the advertising and information you need to advertise .

As an Online-Partner, for example, you place one of the provided means of advertising (e.g. banner or textlink) on your website and so create a link to the skyDSL-website. With a click on that banner your website's visitor is redirected to the attractive sky DSL offers on our internet page. If the customer orders now sky DSL now, we will register from where the customer did it originally. This is done by registering your personal identification number (IDF), which is automatically contained in the banner, that has been applied. Even if the prospective buyer does not decide immediately but should order up to 30 days later, this is registered in your favour. As soon as the new customer, whom you have "sent" to us, has ordered and paid, your commission is earned.
When the customer has ordered, we take care of everything else. This includes the delivery of the hardware, customer support and technical support.

More information about our partner program can be found here: Questions about partner program

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