Upon request hardware inclusive. Save now up to 405,60 €!

Our rates with Premium option offer many advantages, more performance and more diversity. Furthermore, upon request and depending on the selected tariff, you get up to 100% discount on the monthly rates of the skyDSL2+ Hardware. For that you must simply select when ordering a skyDSL2+ tariff with Premium option and for the hardware, the rent-to-own option.
Promotion Period
valid for 3 days
for 24 months
skyDSL2+ FLAT L Premium
for 24 months
skyDSL2+ FLAT M Premium
The discount will be granted to the monthly rate of the hardware and deducted directly from the invoice amount. The discount is linked to the selected tariff. The hardware remains, until fully paid, property of skyDSL Europe B.V.. If the contract is terminated prior to the full payment of the hardware, no discount will be granted to the remaining hardware rates.

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