Rent the skyDSL2+ hardware now clever at no charge!

Our tariffs with premium option have higher performance, more benefits and more variety. Only now you have the possibility not to pay for the monthly rental of the skyDSL2+ satellite hardware.
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skyDSL2+ FLAT L Premium
skyDSL2+ FLAT M Premium
skyDSL2+ FLAT S Premium
The discount will be granted to your monthly hardware rental during the period of use of your chosen skyDSL2+ rate and automatically deducted from the respective invoice amount. The discount will only be granted for a continuous period of use of this tariff by the beneficiary of the contract. The discount is linked to the chosen tariff, within the scope of this action. The hardware remains being property of skyDSL Europe B.V.. At the end of the contract, the rented hardware must be returned to skyDSL Europe B.V..

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