Secure now the skyDSL bonus for your free installation!

Do you want to have your skyDSL2+ complete package installed? Never before was the price for the installation so cheap! We currently cover up to 240 € of the installation cost. Just commission an electrician that you trust or choose an installation partner when ordering your skyDSL. That's the way to get a comfortable and inexpensive professional installation for your new skyDSL. Use now your skyDSL bonus and ensure an installation service even gratis after choosing your tariff.
Promotion Period
valid only until today
for 24 months
skyDSL2+ FLAT L Premium
for 24 months
skyDSL2+ FLAT M Premium
for 24 months
skyDSL2+ FLAT S Premium
Order your skyDSL2+ wish tariff with premium option and the 2+ complete package as purchase hardware. As a proof of the installation cost the installer will send a copy of the invoice to skyDSL within 6 weeks. The invoice must report the installer's skyDSL partner number and your customer number. Only one bonus per order. The bonus is linked to the tariff you have chosen and corresponds to the invoice amount of the conducted installation costs, but not more than the maximum amount indicated for the tariff. The bonus will be granted as a credit note to the monthly invoice of your skyDSL over a 24-month period. With the termination of your contractual relationship expires the claim of receiving further bonus shares. If the installer has not yet registered with skyDSL, an application can be submitted free of charge on our website until the invoice is submitted.

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