Pre-contractual informationPre-contractual information
Pre-contractual information
Important information before concluding a contract

Terms and conditions

  1. Provider's information
    You can find all our identification information in our imprint and our contact details under Contact.
  2. Conclusion of the contract
    The contract is concluded by submitting your offer and accepting the offer by skyDSL Europe B.V..
    With your order, which e.g. B. can be done via the skyDSL website, you are making a binding offer to conclude a contract with skyDSL for the services ordered. The confirmation of receipt sent by skyDSL does not constitute acceptance of the offer. skyDSL accepts your offer within 5 working days of receipt of the order by sending an order confirmation. The contract is concluded upon receipt of the order confirmation.
  3. Storage of contract information
    Before placing your order, you will receive important contract information such as the general terms and conditions (GTC)Revocation right and the contract summary. You can only access this information for documentation, future reference and unaltered reproduction if you download it.
  4. Information on data processing
    Information on the processing of personal data can be found in our Erklärung zum Datenschutz.
  5. Information on publicly available electronic communications services
    1. Service description and any limitations:
      Information can be found in the "Service Descriptions" of our offered tariffs at
  6. Availability of the service
    The skyDSL services is available throughout the continental territory. An availability check is not necessary.
    More information on availability can be found in the service description of the corresponding tariff under "Availability". The service descriptions can be accessed on the following information pages:
  7. Quality levels of the services offered
    1. Transfer speed
      Information about the maximum, advertised, minimum and actually achievable transmission speed and other quality parameters regarding the use of the skyDSL connection can be found under “Transmission speed” in the “Service descriptions” of our offered tariffs at:
  8. Standard Prices
    1. Tariffs:
      Price information on our offered rates can be found under the following links:
    2. Hardware:
      The skyDSL2+ service can be used with any compatible hardware. If you decide to purchase hardware from skyDSL, you can find pricing information for our hardware offers at the following links:skyDSL may also offer limited-time hardware as part of a bundle with skyDSL products. In this case, the price and terms of use stated for this bundle offer apply. In particular, discounts may be tied to the use of the entire bundle. In no case does promotional hardware cost more than the sum of the stated prices of the individual components.
      Information about our current promotional packages and the associated payment obligations can be found under the following links:Further contractual terms and conditions on the subject of hardware, including information on unlocking the device and payment of costs in connection with the hardware, can be found under “End devices, retention of ownership” in the Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen.
    3. Discounts:
      Information about current offers and the applicable conditions can be found at
      Angebote & Aktionen.
  9. Change of provider
    After the contractual relationship has ended, the customer can switch to a new provider with their existing connection. The customer has a legal right to a maximum supply interruption of one working day as a result of the change of provider. The prerequisite for this is that skyDSL Europe B.V. submits an official application with the customer's complete identification data, identification data of the issuing or receiving Internet provider, identification of the existing connection, the desired date on which the change of Internet provider should take place and, if skyDSL Europe B.V. is the receiving ISP, receives an authentication code for changing the Internet access service provider issued by the transferring ISP. The commissioning of a change of provider also includes the termination of the existing contractual relationship with the transferring Internet provider.
  10. Compensation and reimbursement systems
    In our allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen you will find general information about compensation rights and compensation agreements under the points “Liability of skyDSL”, “Delayed payment, blocking” and “Use restrictions, security and traffic management”.
    In these cases, you can demand a statutory reduction in fees, compensation for loss or special termination:
    1. Non-compliance with quality
      If you do not receive the contractually agreed performance of your Internet access service, you may be entitled to a reduction in your fee. The prerequisite is that you demonstrate a significant, continuous or regularly recurring deviation in speed between the actual and the contractually agreed performance. For this purpose, the verification must be carried out using a measurement tool from the state supervisory authority or another monitoring mechanism certified for this purpose.
    2. Change of provider
      If the service is interrupted for more than one working day as part of the change of provider, the customer may be entitled to skyDSL, if this is the transferring provider, for each additional working day of the interruption demand compensation to the legal extent, unless , the customer is responsible for the delay. If the issuing or receiving provider misses an agreed customer service or installation appointment, the customer can claim demand compensation to the legal extent, from the respective provider for each missed appointment unless the customer or an external installation service commissioned by the customer has caused the delay or to represent the failure to meet the appointment. The customer's right to demand compensation for damages in excess of the aforementioned compensation remains unaffected.
    3. Disturbance
      As a consumer, you have a legal right to have the problem rectified immediately and free of charge if your internet connection is disrupted. If skyDSL cannot eliminate a disruption or security incident in accordance with legal requirements, you have the right to compensation for loss.
      The amount of compensation depends on the legal regulations.
      Compensation is only possible if your internet is completely down and skyDSL is responsible for the service outage and has not provided a replacement solution.
  11. Maintenance services offered
    A customer support service is available free of charge for any technical checks. The contact details can be found at Kontakt.
  12. Typical contract conditions
    You can find information on, among other things, the conclusion of the contract, delivery, payment conditions, minimum term and termination of the contract in the Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen, as well as on minimum contract terms directly on the information pages of the corresponding tariff. You can find these at:

    Important information in the event of withdrawal from the contract, including the conditions associated with the return of the goods, can be found at Widerrufbelehrung.
  13. Features for end users with disabilities
    Currently, skyDSL does not offer any additional products or services for users with disabilities.
  14. Conflict Resolution Mechanism
    For information, see "Customer Care and Online Dispute Resolution" on the Transparency and Dialogue page.

skyDSL Europe B.V., Last update: 25. October 2023