Change your provider now and secure a change bonus of up to 119,70 €.

Would you like to use skyDSL but you are bounded by contract to another Internet provider? It doesn't matter! If you have a DSL, Mobile, LTE or another Satellite Internet service, with our skyDSL you avoid being charged double. Change now and enjoy today's fast Internet skyDSL. So you get your chosen skyDSL2+ completely uncomplicated, smoothly and without interruption.
Promotion Period
valid for 6 days
for 3 months
skyDSL2+ Home L Premium with streaming option
for 3 months
skyDSL2+ Home L Premium
for 3 months
skyDSL2+ Home L
for 3 months
skyDSL2+ Home M
Order your desired skyDSL tariff. Send us after ordering and within 2 weeks by post, fax or email, a copy of the last invoice and a copy of the cancel confirmation from your current internet provider. During the remaining period of the old contract you will get automatically a credit note equal to the respective basic fee for your current internet connection. Please note that the maximum exchange bonus is limited to the time period and discount specified for your skyDSL wish tariff.

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