skyDSL2+ Home S service terms

  1. Standard Services of skyDSL Europe
    The skyDSL Europe B.V. (hereinafter referred to as  skyDSL Europe) leaves its private customers within the boundaries of the existing technical and operational possibilities skyDSL2+ Home S. skyDSL2+ Home S is an internet service including internet access via satellite for data transmission and reception from and to the internet.
    In case the customer can use additional services free of charge of the described services, then by a possible performance adjustment from skyDSL Europe there is neither a claim for reduction, reimbursement or compensation nor a claim to terminate for any important reason.
    The skyDSL Europe provides the following services:
    1. Internet Services
      1. Internet connection
        skyDSL Europe allows access to the world-wide internet using dynamic IP address according to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4). The data sent by the customer will be transferred via satellite to the Internet backbone. The ground station required for transmission and reception of data and for providing the IP address to the customer is located within the European Union. Service providers with geographical limited services, performing a geographical check through the IP address of the customer, will locate the customer within the country of the ground station instead of the country of the customer. For protecting customers from unwanted data transmissions, an external access from the internet to the customer via satellite will be blocked.
        In addition, the following technical requirements apply for the usage of skyDSL2+ Home S on the customer's side:
        • A skyDSL2+ Home S approved satellite dish,
        • TRIA (for satellite reception and  transmission of data),
        • Satellite-modem or satellite-router
        To use skyDSL2+ Home S a specially preconfigured hardware is necessary.
        1. Transmission speed
          The Internet connection is provided when using the 32APSK modulation with a maximum / advertised transmission speed of 12 MBit/s downstream (on the satellite connection in the direction of the customer) and 2 MBit/s upstream (on the satellite connection in the direction of the customer) and with a minimum transmission speed of 3,6 MBit/s downstream and 0,6 MBit/s upstream. Normally, at least a transmission speed of 7,2 MBit/s downstream and 1,2 MBit/s upstream is available. The transmission speed is provided for a monthly data consumption of 15 GB. Further use of the internet connection is possible. The actual achievable transmission speed during use depends, among other things, on the network load of the Internet backbone or the technically subdivided transmission sections involved, on the transmission speed of the selected servers of the respective content provider, on the customer's end devices (router, PC including its operating system and other software used), on the latency, which is approx. 0.015 min, jitter, which is less than 50 ms and depends on packet losses that regularly do not exceed 0.001%.
        2. Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)
          In order to maintain the connection between the satellite and the satellite modem, even under non-optimal conditions, skyDSL Europe may – depending on the signal-to-noise ratio and other parameters – adjust the modulation and/or coding of the connection. The transmission speed of the connection will automatically change by ratio of the used coding / modulation to the optimal coding / modulation (32APSK).
        3. Authentication
          Identification is required to use the Internet access. The customer will receive this credential upon initial provision of Internet services by skyDSL Europe. After a successful first authentication the device ID will be stored and used later on to automatically authenticate the customer.
        4. Availability
          The internet connection is meant for private customers and has an average availability of 97.0% over the year. Due to weather-related influences there may be further restrictions on the availability of internet access, on which the skyDSL Europe has no influence. After 24 hours of continuous use of the internet access the internet connection might be automatically disconnected for technical reasons. An immediate reconnection is possible.
        5. Minimum average bandwidth
          The minimum average bandwidth is at least 50% of the transmission speed of the internet access. The average bandwidth of the internet access is determined as follows:
          • The customers are assigned to different pools for the transmission of their data, according to several criteria. These criteria include i.a. the currently used satellite, the spot-beam and transponder that is currently being used, as well as the customer's selected tariff including its degree of utilization.
          • To achieve the maximum bandwidth of the internet access in each of these pools the connection bandwidth at a contention ratio of  (defined consumption rate for private customers) multiplied by the number of customers assigned to this pool, is made ​​available.
          • The bandwidth available for each customer within a pool is multiplied by the number of clients in the pool.
          • The sum of the bandwidths of all the pools of a tariff is divided by the total number of customers of this tariff.
          • The calculation is done once per minute.
          • The average of all values ​​of the last 12 months is the average bandwidth, while 3% of the best and worst values are not included in the average value determination.
        6. Interference, anomalies and excessive use
          The Internet connection is mainly intended for the normal, active use of data services by the customer himself. A quality assurance system that protects the consumer and other consumers against possible abnormal or inappropriate use and ensures the efficiency of the service operated by skyDSL Europe is active. In particular, excessive use represents abnormal or inappropriate use of the service. The transmission speeds specified in this document can be reduced to as little as 1:15. If and as soon as a hazard has been eliminated, the bandwidths specified above are automatically made available again. Excessive use of the system is assumed at least if the use of the Internet connection exceeds the adjusted average value of all skyDSL2+ Home S connections by 25%. The adjusted average value is calculated using the median of the consumption data of all skyDSL2+ Home S connections without taking into account the highest third of extreme usage values.
          If the actual transmission rate continuously falls below the transmission speed defined and permitted in accordance with this document for a period of more than 70 minutes, this is a long-term deviation. If the actual transmission rate continuously falls below the transmission speed defined and permitted in accordance with this document three times within 90 minutes for at least 3.5 minutes, this is a large, recurring discrepancy.
          In the event of significant deviations in the actually available transmission speeds compared to the normally available transmission speeds, the retrieval and dissemination of information and content via the Internet access may be slowed down and there may be restrictions on the use of applications and services that are accessed via the Internet access.
          If the actual transmission rate falls below the minimum transmission speed defined and permitted in accordance with this document, there is a fault in the Internet connection.
        7. Remote Management
          To ensure the functionality of the satellite modem skyDSL Europe might adapt the configuration of the satellite modem via remote management. The adjustments to the configurations might require a restart of the satellite modems.
      2. HomeSpace
        The skyDSL Europe gives to the customer a virtual storage space free of charge on the servers of skyDSL Europe, whose scope of services is derived from the performance description "HomeSpace".
  2. Liabilities and obligations of the customer
    1. Place of installation
      The customer is obliged to preserve a safety distance of at least 500 ms between his transmitter (satellite dish) and airports (the airport perimeter fence).
      Furthermore, the customer may use skyDSL2+ Home S only within the borders of the European Union. The customer is responsible to verify the functional capability of skyDSL2+ Home S outside the country where skyDSL Europe has delivered the skyDSL2+ Home S.
    2. Operation of the satellite system
      The customer is obliged to ensure optimal alignment of the satellite antenna during the operation of the internet connection.
  3. Additional Services of skyDSL Europe
    skyDSL Europe provides within the bounds of existing technical and operational possibilities additional services not included in the Standard Services. An additional payment might be required for these services, which is listed on the actual price list. In particular the following additional services are provided:
    1. Additional Internet Services
      1. Premium Option for the internet connection
        Increase the transfer rate speed up to 18 MBit/s in downstream up to 2 MBit/s in upstream. The improved bandwitch is only available if the Premium Tariff option is selected.
    2. Cost limit
      After reaching the included data volume of 15 GB , the transmission speed is reduced to up to 256 kbit/s downstream and up to 64 kbit/s upstream. The regular transfer speed can be restored by activating the cost limit.

skyDSL Europe B.V., information correct as of April 10, 2024