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Commercialisation since 30.04.2021
Details about the product and bookable services are given in the service description, the price list and the terms and conditions.

Data transfer rates

Data reception Data transmission
Maximal 40 MBit/s 2 MBit/s
Usually available 24 MBit/s 1,2 MBit/s
Minimal 12 MBit/s 0,6 MBit/s
Inclusive data volume contained in product Unlimited

Other product information

Contract period The tariff has no minimum running time. Billing period is 1 month. The tariff is extended by a further billing period, unless it is cancelled with a notice term of 30 Days to the end the respective billing period.
Special features of satellite internet A precise alignment of the satellite antenna as well as optimal weather conditions are prerequisites for reaching the maximum bandwidth. In order to ensure a stable connection even in bad weather, the modulation method or the coding of the connection can be adapted. Accordingly, the readings provided by the legally prescribed normal available data transmission rate is correspondingly lower than the maximum data transmission rate. Further information can be found in the service terms of the tariff.
654 / 5000
Translation results
The tariff is mainly intended for the normal active use of data services by the customer himself. A quality assurance system that protects the consumer and other consumers against possible abnormal or inappropriate use and ensures the efficiency of the service operated by skyDSL is active. In particular, excessive use represents abnormal or inappropriate use of the service. The bandwidths specified above can be reduced to up to 1:15. If and as soon as a hazard has been eliminated, the bandwidths specified above are automatically made available again.
Payment for the complete product (price list) Monthly price
excl. hardware 3990
All prices include VAT.
As of April 30, 2021
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