€ fidelity bonus monthly! € fidelity bonus monthly!
10 € fidelity bonus monthly!
Thank you very much for your fidelity. Order now and guarantee your bonus. So simply, and you'll get automatically month after month a 10 € discount!

Fidelity will be rewarded with the skyDSL. Order now and save automatically 10 € month after month!

skyDSL offer tariffs without binding contracts. This gives you flexibility at all times. For our devoted customers we have an additional thank you gift. Secure your fidelity bonus today and get your personal discount. This way satisfaction, flexibility and fidelity fit together!
Promotion Period
valid for 10 days
Basic fee:  -10 after the 24th month
skyDSL2+ Business M Streaming
Basic fee:  -10 after the 24th month
skyDSL2+ Business M
The fidelity bonus will be granted monthly over your basic fee regarding the usage period indicated for your skyDSL2+ chosen tariff and automatically deducted from the respective invoice amount. The fidelity bonus shall only be granted if the tariff chosen by the beneficiary is used uninterruptedly.

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