Always there for youAlways there for you
Always there for you
Honest, open, transparent. We speak plain language and offer understandable information without small print. So you can decide easily and safely.

Transparency and dialogue

skyDSL Europe B.V. strongly values the exchange of opinions. As a mid-sized company we value the dialogue with our customers as well as the team spirit and personal commitment of our employees.

For more than 15 years we view dialogue and transparency by our skyDSL not just as obligation but also as an opportunity for our products to adapt to the new challenges of the market. Therefore, we can continually improve them for our customers.

As the number 1 satellite internet provider in Europe, we offer not only a platform for our customers to openly review our products, but also transparent information about the performance regarding our products visible on our website.

We deliberately refrain from the usual "small print" and provide you with information about our prices along with technical as well as contractual information. So you find everything you need without much searching in one place.

skyDSL Monitor

A good example of our transparency is our skyDSL Monitor. With this tool we offer information about the performance of our products, which other providers may hide for good reasons. So you can have a good idea of your new internet connection before making up your mind.

Customer opinions and experiences with skyDSL

A dialogue already begins with small things. Our telephone number is clearly visible in each of our sites, so you do not have to search for it anywhere. Simply call us if you have any questions regarding our products.

With our customer rating platform we also offer a dialogue between our customers and our prospective customers. Just check it out and read what our customers have to say about skyDSL.

Online Dispute Resolution

Despite our continuous efforts to offer to our customers the best possible products, errors may happen. Should you be dissatisfied with our product or our service, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Together and in direct dialogue we can offer solutions as soon as possible. If you want to contact a neutral and independent authority for dispute resolution, the European Commission for citizens of the European Union offers a platform for online dispute resolution.