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Cookies policy

At skyDSL we work every day to facilitate communication between people. That is why, in addition to the development of valuable products, we apply technological innovations that enable us to improve communication with you.

These innovations include, for example, cookies.

To help you better understand what cookies are, why we use them, and how to manage them, we have designed the following cookie policy.

1. Does  skyDSL use cookies?

Yes. This website uses cookies from skyDSL as well as third-party providers in order to be able to improve the user experience on our website and his content which imtach your interest.

Cookies allow several advantages : 
  • They permit you a safe and convenient way to surf of our Website and your customer account. 
  • They facilitate the analyse of the use and visiting of our Website, so that we can optimize and personalize it to improve our client service. 
  • They enable the increase of the publicity quality by stopping unrelevant publicity to appear. 

The use of cookies is enshrined in our Privacy Statement and respects at all times your rights in relation to the protection of personal data and current legislation in this area.

When you browse our site, cookies are installed on your browser. You will be informed about it through an informational banner. You can access these files at any time, change your preferences to accept cookies or delete them in your browser settings.

2. What exactly is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that sends information to the web pages you visit on your browser. This file stores the inputs and settings you have made for a certain period of time to help you use the website.

A cookie is a service, that allows small conforts. For example, to be able to go back to the previous page without having to enter again your already acquired request or to be able to stay connected on a website even if you are at the same time navigating on an other website.

Cookies do not store sensitive information about you and do not allow us to identify you as a specific person. Under no circumstances will these cookies have access to the content of your communications or that of your computer.

1. What kind of Cookies does skyDSL use?

At skyDSL we use different types of cookies.

Depending on their origin, these can be classified as follows:
  • Your own cookies: they are coookies that you manage yourself after you have access our website
  • Cookies from a third party: they are cookies that you got from an other domain that were sent on your computer 

Depending on the retention period, these can be classified as follows:
  • Session cookies: These are cookies that are deleted as soon as you leave the website. This type of cookies offers you a high level of comfort. For example, you can avoid having to re-select all options, or reenter all your data when canceling or temporarily pausing an order.
  • Permanent Cookies: Are cookies that remain on your computer until a certain date. These are for example language preferences or saved passwords.

The cookies can be classified accordingly as follows : 
  • Technical cookies: are cookies that allow you to surf our website more easily and efficiently. For example, by remembering a language, identifying you as a user after logging in and maintaining the session while browsing, or if you have already selected options during your order, they will be retained in the event of subsequent changes.
  • Operational functionality cookies: Are cookies that help us to improve the service and to optimize navigation on our website. These are only statistical and behavioral information about the activities of the users when visiting our website. For example how many users access our website, at what time, which route they take on our website, etc. The data collected by these cookies is completely anonymous and cannot identify you as a specific person.
  • Advertising cookies: are cookies that manage internet advertising. We use them to provide you ads that are relevant to you and avoid showing them more than once.
  • Chat Service Cookies: These are cookies that we use to evaluate the effectiveness of our online customer service to make improvements that increase your satisfaction with our customer service.

4. How long are cookies from skyDSL valid?

The duration of the cookies varies depending on the type. Session cookies are lost when you leave our website. Other cookies can be valid for up to 26 months. These will be deleted after this period, unless you have previously deleted them manually.

5. How can I manage cookies?

It's nice that you have read our cookie policy. This means that you care about the security of your data and that you proactively review the use of your personal information.
Because it is important that you know that you can manage cookies yourself. You can decide at any time if you want to install them or not. You can also restrict their use and even delete those that have already been installed.
If you do not want cookies to be installed on your computer or mobile phone, you only have to turn off this option in the settings of your browser, where you can delete cookies or disable the possibility of future installation.
Afin de vous faciliter la tâche , vous pouvez retrouver ici des explications sur la gestion des cookies dans les principaux navigateurs internets utilisés :
Edge :
  • Click on "delete browser information" in the parameters of your internet browser. If you want to manage the cookies, click on "choose elements to delete" and select "cookies and registered websites"
  • If you click on "delete", all cookies will be deleted.
  • You can also arrange for you data to be deleted after very internet use. 

  • Click on "More" in your browser settings. Then click on "Clear Browsing Data"
  • Select "All cookies and site data" and select the desired period.
  • Click on "Clear data".

Mozilla Firefox:
  • Click on "Privacy & Security" in your browser settings.
  • Go to the heading "Cookies and website data".
  • Click on "Remove data" to delete cookies and website data.
  • Under "Manage data" you can see all the cookies that are installed in your browser and select which ones you want to delete.

  • In the menu, click on "History". Then you will immediately see "Clear Browser Data".
  • Select "Cookies and other website data" and select the desired period from which you would like to delete the installed cookies.
  • Click on "Clear browser data".
  • In the browser settings you also have many options to adapt your privacy and security to your preferences.

  • In the settings, select "Privacy".
  • Click on "Cookies and website data". There you can choose multiple options to manage your cookies.

6. Do you need more information about cookies?

If you have further questions about the use of cookies not answered in this statement, you can always contact our customer service via our contact form or our data security officer.

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