Welcome to your skyDSL partner area!Welcome to your skyDSL partner area!
Welcome to your skyDSL partner area!
Manage orders, view commissions, access sales materials. Maximum support for you from any place, at any time!

The skyDSL partner program

What is the skyDSL partner program?

The skyDSL Partner Program offers you attractive comissions for the recruiting of new skyDSL customers. skyDSL is the leading satellite solution for broadband and is available everywhere. Thousands of people still cannot surf with DSL because of the lack of the necessary infrastructure. skyDSL offers broadband internet access all over Europe, also where the copper lines cannot.

Is the skyDSL partner program suitable for me?

The skyDSL Partner Program is designed to suit different business models.
You can join us as an Online Partner (e.g. by introducing a banner or an advertising link on your website). Or as a skyDSL Partner, if you are in a position to recruit customers through direct sales, at your retail showroom or sales area. Therefore, having your own website is not a prerequisite to join the skyDSL Partner Program.
The skyDSL partner program is suited as an additional source of revenue for webmasters, retailers of electronic consumer goods, speciality dealers, satellite installers etc.

What type of skyDSL partnership is suitable for me?

There are two types of partnership in the skyDSL Partner Program: Online-Partner and skyDSL Partner. The partnership type you choose is determined by your type of business, your level of technical expertise, capabilities and the level of engagement.


As an Online-Partner you place a banner or an advertising link on your website or you advertise skyDSL by sending out newsletters containing a referral link or banner.

skyDSL Partner

You offer distinguished customer service, qualified advice at a high degree and a complete offer of services ranging from advisory services to sales and installation. A certification offers the possibility to obtain higher commissions or an additional income, e.g. by providing installation or customer assistance locally.

What are the advantages for me?

No fees, no risk: registering is easy and free. With just a couple of clicks you can become a skyDSL

What commission do I get?

To show our appreciation we will pay an attractive commission of up to 150,- € (net, exclusive VAT). Commissions will be paid for each new skyDSL customer recruited through the partner program.

How does it work?

After registration you will receive your personal partner code.This code enables the access to the secured partner area where you can register new customers. Our tracking system ensures that your partner code is conveyed to us with every new order you place.

Online-Partners can select among a wide range of links and banners in the Partner area, which can be embedded on your website. When a visitor clicks on such a link or banner, the tracking-code is passed on automatically. The tracking-code will be set through a cookie for 30 days on the computer of a website visitor. This way you also benefit if a customer does not order immediately, but within the next 30 days. Thus you also benefit from the fact that a customer does not order immediately, but within the next 30 days.
skyDSL Partners receive free marketing materials such as flyers, posters, advertising materials, newsletters etc.

Easy integration

The skyDSL partner program is easy and quick to implement. We provide all aiding materials and supply you with extended marketing materials.

Accurate reporting of new customers and your commissions

Thanks to our tracking system you can always check in real time the number of customers you have recruited and the commissions you have earned. Commissions will be paid out on a monthly basis.

How does skyDSL know that the new customer has come from my website?

In the advertising you use (e.g. a banner), your personal Partner-ID is integrated. Every visitor "takes this ID with him" to skyDSL pages. This ID will be kept in the visitor's computer for 30 days through a cookie. Please keep in mind that orders can only be accounted for in an orderly manner, if cookies are activated on the purchaser's computer.

How and when will I get paid?

All commissions for successfully recruited new skyDSL customers will be credited to you and will automatically be transferred to the account that you have provided, as soon as the payable amount has reached 100,- € or more. You have access to your details, statistics, and credit analysis anytime in your partner area.

What kind of advertising materials are available to me?

For our Online-Partners, a variety of advertising materials and link-possibilities are available in the partner area. These materials are constantly updated by skyDSL: Our skyDSL Partners can get ahold of advertising materials, information and online-forms in the partner area. Furthermore, we will support our partners marketing efforts with the provision of flyers, poster and means of advertising, regarding our special offers and promotion activities.

When will the statistics be updated?

The updating of order, commission, and credit statistics is performed in real time. As a partner you can immediately realize when a sales-transaction has been accomplished.