Despite digital dividend, no internet yet?Despite digital dividend, no internet yet?
Despite digital dividend, no internet yet?
Especially in rural regions, despite the digital dividend, there are still many areas without LTE reception. For the white spots, skyDSL is the solution.

What does LTE and Digital Dividend Spectrum for rural areas mean?

The starting signal to build up the LTE network has decreased. In the next years the existing LTE/4G infrastructure will be gradually rebuilt. The providers have in mind a bandwidth of 50 Mbit/s. However this technology will cover a very small fraction of the rural areas. For rural areas a bandwidth up to 3 Mbit/s is planned. Who knows how much of all of this will be really carried out, especially since the implementation will require many of the incoming years. Without the possibility of using the digital dividend spectrum, the range of new LTE networks and so the available bandwidth would be significantly lower. Where the digital divided frequencies are not available the real achievable bandwidth will be significantly lower.

Internet via satellite in contrast to LTE is today already available everywhere. Moreover the available bandwidth is totally independent of the place of installation. This is why you should use solid technology. Find out more information of our satellite DSL tariffs.