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Answers about the topic How does skyDSL2+ work?

Are the data rates guaranteed?

With skyDSL - as with any wireless technology - the service allocated for an approved frequency spectrum is shared by the users. Intelligent methods and modern technology help to create an efficient and smooth use of the promised resources. Despite these techniques and careful monitoring of the systems, the maximum bandwidth cannot be guaranteed at all times. The specified data rates are given accordingly to a maximum value. Please note further that it is at these specified gross data rate values that the service will be for you as user specified. Some factors, such as the quality of the transmission path for instance, which is also determined for example by the orientation of the mounted satellite antenna as well as the applications that also transfer data protocols determine the ratio between gross and net values. In ordinary use and good alignment of the satellite antenna you can count on the usual 80% to 90% of the indicated gross data rate. The current data rates of our tariffs can be checked at our skyDSL Monitor.

Who can use skyDSL2+?
If you do not need broadband internet access via terrestrial DSL, cable, WLAN or radio networks, skyDSL2 + is the optimal solution for you. The skyDSL2 + service is a service based on the current state of satellite transmission technology for those who need a fast connection to the world of the Internet.
What are the maximum upload and download speeds?
Depending on the selected tariff you can use skyDSL2 + to achieve a maximum download speed up to 25 Mbps and a maximum upload speed up to 6 Mbps.
How far away must the obstacles be in order to ensure reception of the signal? (free view to the south)
Within Germany the elevation angle of the antenna is approximately 28 ° in the north and 35 ° in the south. This results in about 50cm to 70cm rise (of the signal) per meter of distance. An obstacle must therefore not be higher than 2.5 m to 3.5 m when it is 5m away. At a distance of 10m from the obstacle, the object must not be higher than 5m to 7m and at a distance of 15m, not higher than 7.5 m to 10.50m. If the obstacles are higher, then either the distance to the obstacle must be increased or the satellite antenna must be respectively assembled higher, for a faultless reception of the signal.

Elevation          Slope (based on the distance of 1 m)
A                        B
28 °                   53 cm
29 °                   55 cm
30 °                   57 cm
31 °                   60 cm
32 °                   62 cm
33 °                   64 cm
34 °                   67 cm
35 °                   70 cm

What kind of IP address will I be assigned?
You will receive a static IP address which will be configurated to the outside as a German IP address.
Are there minimum requirements for the computer?
No. Any computer (OS X, Windows or Linux OS) with a built-in network card (10/100 Mbps), which must be set to obtain the IP address automatically, can be connected to the satellite modem. And most important, no additional hardware or software is required.
Do I need a telephone connection?
No. In contrast to unidirectional satellite-based services, skyDSL2+ does not require a phone line or any other terrestrial connection for the back channel. The entire internet data transfer will occur via Satellite (Upload and Download).

Can I take the skyDSL2 + system with me if I move?
Yes, this is possible, please contact our technical support team at least 3 days before your move. They will advise you how to proceed.

Is it possible to use VPN with skyDSL2+?
In principle, yes. However, take into consideration the latency of ca. 700 ms (skyDSL2+). Please contact the administrator or manufacturer of your VPN software.

You still need a static IP address. Please contact our contract department using the contact form.

What is skyDSL2+ ?
skyDSL2+ is an economical, high-quality, broadband satellite internet access for end-consumers all over Europe.
How long is the time delay during the data transmission?
Geostationary satellites are positioned in the orbit of approximately 36,000 kilometres over the equator. The signal takes around 700 milliseconds to go and come back.
Due to the high latency on-line games (ego shooter) are only possible to a limited extent.
Can I use skyDSL2+ within a wireless network?
Yes. You must install a (WLAN) router behind the satellite modem. The router must be configured to accept dynamic IP addresses.
Can I integrate the skyDSL2+ into a network?
Yes. All you need to do is install a router that can handle dynamic IP addresses between your network and your satellite modem.
Can I install skyDSL2+ by myself?
You can install, assemble and align the skyDSL2+ equipment yourself. Inside the self-assembly kit box there is a guide as well as a compass that will guide you when pointing your antenna. The fine alignment of the system is then carried out directly on the antenna by means of a sound signal. The whole installation can take about 1 hour. If you already have a satellite TV antenna, it can be replaced by our skyDSL2+. To receive your TV channels using our antenna, a skyDSL2+ All-in-One TV + internet kit will be necessary.

Can I use my existing satellite antenna?
No, the hardware provided by us must be used. However, it is also possible to use the skyDSL2 + antenna to receive satellite TV-channels by ordering our All-in-One TV + internet extension kit.
Which satellite is used by skyDSL2+ to provide internet service?
The skyDSL2+ service is broadcast by the KA-SAT 9° East satellite.

Answers about the topic skyDSL inclusive services

How do I set up the skyDSL Home Space (100MB)?
For the installation of the skyDSL HomeSpace we provide you with a detailed description here.

Answers about the topic Support

What should I do if I forget my password?
In case you have forgotten your password, you can access customer section with your 24-digit skyNumber and then reassign a new login name and password.
What type of technical support offers skyDSL?

The quickest way to receive assistance is to consult the FAQs. A search function is available as further support on the website for your convenience. Should these efforts not result in a satisfactory answer to your query, our technical experts' team are at your disposal on the telephone. The current number can be found in our Customer Area.

You can also send your queries over our support form at customer section. You will then receive a quick reply per e-mail.

Where can I find the customer area?
The customer section can be accessed upon entering your login-details in the related fields. If you are creating your account for the first time, then the 24-digit skyNumber is required. The skyNumber can be obtained from the delivered documents. The customer section offers the possibility to modify your personal details, to examine your contract and your connection details, as well as setting up your personal skyEmail-address.

Answers about the topic How does the skyDSL phone option (VOIP) work?

Can I cancel my landline?
Your current landline connection is not required for the skyDSL phone option VoIP.

Can I call Emergency over the skyDSL telephone option (VOIP)?
You can reach the German emergency call 110 and 112 via the skyDSL telephony option (VOIP). Your VOIP phone number will be assigned to your specified installation address. This address can be viewed at any time in your customer area. It is important that these details are correct in order to transmit them to the nearest emergency centre in case of an emergency call.
Can I make "Call-by-call" or "Pre-selection" calls over skyDSL telephone (VoIP) option?

No. The use of "call-by-call" or "pre selection" is possible only by connections with the Deutsche Telekom.
What is "hotline after timeout" call?
A "hotline after timeout" call is the location of a caller who is in need of assistance at an emergency call center, without the latter being able to name his or her location, for example in the event of an accident or heart attack. For this reason it is important that the exact address of the owner of the connection is stored as an installation address.

What does VOIP mean?
VoIP is the short form of Voice over IP. It is also called internet phone or IP phone and designates the calls using the internet. One prerequisite for the use of VoIP is a skyDSL2 + broadband connection. The VoIP connection of skyDSL uses the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol), which is the most frequently used protocol for VoIP.
What device do I need in order to make calls using VoIP?
Three different connection scenarios are suitable for this purpose! If you want to further use your current phone, you need a VoIP enabled router (e.g. a AVM Fritzbox). This hardware is connected simply and directly to the skyDSL2 + modem. Your computer and your phone are then connected directly to the VoIP enabled router. Alternatively you can also use a VoIP enabled phone. Please note that the skyDSL2+ modem provides only one Ethernet port. Since your computer requires this connection, a router is also needed in this case. This must, however, not be VoIP enabled. Of course VoIP also works with a VoIP software on your PC. Please note that in this case your VoIP connection is only ready to be operated, if your PC is switched on and the VoIP software is ready for use. Current VoIP software can be found here:

Does my PC have to be on in order to telephone?
If you use a VoIP-enabled telephone or your analogue telephone is connected to a VoIP-enabled router with an analogue connection, you can make calls independently of your PC. If you are using software on your PC to make calls, this must be switched on and the software must be ready for operation.

Where can I find my skyDSL telephone option (VoIP) access data?
You can find your skyDSL phone option (VoIP) access data in your customer area under skyDSL Services -> Phone connection (VOIP)
What is a SIP-Server or Registrar?
Both your phone and the software on your PC will log into the SIP server (in some VoIP-routers also referred to as Registrar), in order to receive calls and perform outgoing calls.
Is the skyDSL telephony option (VoIP) suitable to transmit a FAX?
Three different connection scenarios are suitable for this purpose! If you want to use your current phone further, you need a VoIP capable router (for example, an AVM Fritzbox). This hardware is connected simply and directly to the skyDSL2 + modem. Your computer and your phone then are connected directly to the VoIP capable router. Alternatively you can also use a VoIP-enabled phone. Please note that the skyDSL2 + modem provides only one Ethernet port. Since your computer also needs this port, a router is also necessary in this case. This, however, must not be VoIP capable. Of course VoIP works also with a VoIP software on your PC. Please note that in this case your VoIP connection is only ready for operation, if your PC is switched on and the VoIP software is ready for operation. Current VoIP software can be found for example here:
How can I connect my phone to my skyDSL satellite internet connection?
You can connect phones specifically designed for VoIP telephony directly to the LAN ports of your router. Even conventional analog phones can be operated in most cases via a standard VoIP adapter to a LAN port of your router.

Answers about the topic skyDSL e-mail

Can I access my skyDSL e-mail through a web browser (Web-mail)?
No. You can only access your skyDSL e-mail through an e-mail client program, such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird or Outlook.
Which are the settings for the skyDSL e-mail server?

The username is your skyDSL e-mail address POP3 server = Port: 110 (unencrypted) SMTP Server = Port: 25 (unencrypted)

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