Installation and assembly serviceInstallation and assembly service
Installation and assembly service
Professional performance, fair prices. Our certified partners will gladly take care of the installation for you.

Mounting of the bi-directional skyDSL2+ satellite dish

For our skyDSL2+ solution a simple self-installation and alignment of the satellite dish is possible.

However, you can choose a certified skyDSL2+ installation partner for professional assembly and alignment of the satellite antenna. If one of our partner technicians is available in your area, we can offer as part of the order process of a skyDSL2+ connection, an assembly and installation service.

The installation and assembly service includes the following services:
  • Arrival and departure
  • Assembly of the antenna
  • Wall mounting (up to a maximum height of 2 meters)
  • Orientation of the antenna
  • Antenna cable (max. 10m included) laid visible (not attached, laid in cavity walls or ducts, etc.)
  • Initial operation of the modem using an installation laptop (not using the customer’s PC)
Upon customer’s request and prior arrangement additional work can be done. Detailed information can be found at Specifications for installation and assembly service.