Easy installation and setup, instant activation. So easy and fast you are online with the high-speed internet from skyDSL!

Installation and assembly from skyDSL2+

A simple self-assembly of the satellite antenna is offered through our complete sskyDSL2+ package. Due to the beep signal of the satellite antenna and the very easy-to-understand user interface, the satellite antenna's orientation towards the satellite is quickly configured. Thanks to our advanced data reception solution through a coaxial cable, the connection between the modem and the antenna is very simple. To finalize just connect your new skyDSL2+ modem to your computer and a free LAN output. Ready! You are ready to surf at satellite speed!
The following components are required for skyDSL2+:

Satellite antenna with a bidirectional module

The skyDSL2+ satellite antenna and its bi-directional module are a reflector specially optimized for the high data transfer. You can easily install this reflector on a house wall, on the roof, in the garden or on the balcony. It is only important to note that the alignment of the reflector must take place with a clear view towards the south. professional installation and assembly service will gladly take over that work for you. For an easy self-installation, the necessary tools, such as a universal wall bracket, are already included in our standard package delivered. As an experienced craftsperson, you can easily handle the installation yourself. In order to achieve the optimum transmission and reception performance of your satellite antenna. Its exact alignment is carried out by hearing acoustic signals and through a specially developed software-assistant used via the internet browser of your computer.

Satellite modem or router

It is not necessary to install drivers or software on your PC. Both our  skyDSL2+ satellite modem and our 
skyDSL2+ satellite router are already preconfigured. After a successful registration over your internet browser you can start surfing immediately. To access your new skyDSL2+ satellite internet connection with multiple devices (such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets) wirelessly, use our skyDSL2+ satellite router (Surfbeam 2 RM5111) with integrated WiFi and router function. The skyDSL2+ satellite modem (Surfbeam 2 RM 4100), on the other hand, it can easily be connected to an existing router and quickly be integrated into an existing network. Further information (e.g. network use) can be found in our FAQ.