skyDSL connects all Europe with fast internet

Satellites are used for more than 40 years for communication tasks. Unlike ground-based communication methods, satellites can cover an entire continent. Within this cover, the so-called "footprint", customers can watch TV via satellite, phone or surf the internet.

Pioneer of broadband services via satellite

skyDSL, which is available almost for the entirety of Europe, was developed as an alternative broadband Internet access via satellite by skyDSL Global GmbH. skyDSL was introduced to the market in 1999 and was the first system offering broadband internet via satellite technology for mass-market prices for residential customers and small businesses. The main focus is the regions where conventional broadband internet access cannot be carried out. skyDSL contributes to a Europe-wide coverage of broadband Internet and helps to minimize the economic disadvantages of structurally weak regions by connecting them to high speed internet. An elaborate development of new infrastructure or other high investments are not required, which distinguishes significantly skyDSL from other DSL technologies.

skyDSL2+ as a real alternative in price and performance

Already in 2009 skyDSL2+ was established as the successor of the skyDSL service in Europa offering a two-way broadband internet service via satellite. skyDSL2+ works completely independently from terrestrial infrastructure and can be received in every corner in Europe, sending a data rate of up to 20 Mbit/s download to every customer. Even more impressive is the high data of transmission of up to 6 Mbit/s upload, sending information as pictures or videos to the web. Part of the skyDSL2+ service are the technological innovations of skyDSL Global GmbH, leading provider of alternative broadband internet services.

High Technology from the market leader

Operator of the skyDSL2+ service is the parent company skyDSL Global GmbH, which is constantly enhancing the service and, with a total of over 100.000 customers, is the market leader in satellite-based broadband Internet access in Europe. In Germany, the skyDSL2+ is provided by skyDSL Deutschland GmbH and over Europe by skyDSL Europe B.V.

Successful partnership between skyDSL and Eutelsat

Eutelsat S.A., the leading satellite operator in Europe and one of the three top global providers of Fixed Satellite Services, is a long-standing partner of skyDSL. Eutelsat is the first satellite operator in Europe, offering with his KA-SAT satellite a modern and innovative Spot-Beam Technology.

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