Satellite Internet with skyDSL2+

skyDSL2+ is a broadband internet via satellite service for those people who can not get access to fast DSL! skyDSL2+ stands for internet connection available in all Europe.

With the bidirectional internet access of skyDSL2+ the data is sent and received directly from the satellite. All you need is a satellite antenna with an integrated transmitter and receiver module and an appropriate modem. You will receive from us the complete package including all components required.

Here's how it works:

The user enters a web address (e.g. in the browser window. This data request is converted and encrypted by the modem and sent over the dish to the satellite.||From the satellite the data request will be transmitted to the ground station.||The ground station gets the requested data from the internet and sends it back to the satellite.||The satellite transmits the data to the user: The satellite modem will receive the information from the dish, decrypt it and show it directly on the web browser.
Fast surfing with the skyDSL2+ access via satellite functions as simple as this! You can find the suitable tariff here.

Further information about technology of sky DSL, terms and conditions and technical prerequisites can be obtained from the FAQ section.

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