No more Internet at a snail's pace!No more Internet at a snail's pace!
No more Internet at a snail's pace!
skyDSL, your Internet accelerates directly and without waiting to up to 50 Mbit/s. Everywhere, even where the available DSL connection is slow or outdated.

Increase the speed of your internet! Internet via satellite as an accelerator of your slow internet connection

A slow connection to the internet via modem or ISDN can become nowadays a real and serious problem. Even a DSL Light connection is today no longer enough. The satellite technology offers here the solution transferring data at a high speed of up to 50 Mbit/s directly to your computer. This is 50 times faster than a usual data DSL connection.

The satellite technology works in all Europe totally independent from wired alternatives such as copper DSL, VDSL or optic fiber and at a comparable speed. Provided that there is a free view of the sky towards the south, the reception and transmission via satellite are possible. Other availability checks are not necessary in order to use the flat rate of one of our skyDSL2+ complete connections.

Find here our sky DSL flat rate offer for a fast internet connection via satellite.