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Because a picture is worth a thousand words, you can find explanatory videos with valuable information about skyDSL. Find out, for example, with just one click how fast and convenient Internet via satellite is.

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Let yourself be inspired by our videos and offers! Find out why skyDSL is the best solution for you to implement high-speed Internet in your home. Our fast satellite broadband connection covers all regions, even those in which DSL or LTE are slow, limited or not available. With skyDSL you can now enjoy unlimited internet at up to 50 Mbit/s.

skyDSL vs. DSL

Your Internet, now faster with satellite

Is your internet connection so slow that websites take a long time to load? Switch to satellite! Surf, email, post on social media, stream, everything is possible with your new skyDSL2+ connection. Now see how in many regions with poor network connection, in which e.g. DSL is only available at up to 2 Mbit/s, skyDSL is a better alternative. Compare for yourself how an everyday video search with our 50 Mbit/s via satellite, even with latency, is much faster and more stable than a slow and inefficient DSL.
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skyDSL vs. DSL
Find out now how your normal Internet use with a satellite connection would be much easier and more pleasant than with your current, slow DSL. Order skyDSL today and use your new satellite internet in just 7 days!

Stream with skyDSL

With the new 50 Mbit/s for skyDSL the streaming online is now available for you !

Is the internet connection in your place so slow that videos crash or no longer load when played? Switch to skyDSL! With our 50 Mbit/s you can enjoy a fast and stable Internet, with which you can finally watch your favorite videos in the best quality. In this video we show you what video streaming with skyDSL2+ looks like compared to a DSL connection with 2 Mbit/s. See for yourself that our satellite connection is a better and more efficient solution for you.
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Stream with skyDSL
You too could enjoy the best music and video streaming experience. See how quickly and reliably skyDSL works. Get our Streaming option today!
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