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The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. For this reason we place high demands on our network and our products. In order to meet those demands, we offer Internet connections with a promised bandwidth.

We offer our tariffs not only with the usual maximum transfer speed but also with a minimum defined average bandwidth. For our private customers there's a minimum average bandwidth of 50% of the maximum transmission speed of the internet connection and for our business customers there's a minimum average bandwidth of 70%.

Select your new internet connection on quality!

You can find more information on the Terms and Conditions of each tariff accordingly. The current bandwidth of our skyDSL2+ for private customers can be found at our skyDSL Monitor website.

Please note that as an internet provider we do not have complete control over every part of your internet connection. The connection goes from you through our network and then to other networks, if necessary to other countries. The transfer rates of each individual internet connection may vary depending of many factors, for example, the power capacity of the endpoint of the connection (server) or the individual internet nodes of the bandwidth, which enables the information to go through.

For this reason we define as promised-bandwidth our excellent average network quality for all customers. The guarantee for an individual data transfer can not be assure.
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